Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rainy days and Sundays

Rainy days and Sundays are such wonderful times to be stitching on a quilt, don't ya think?  This is what is on my lap this rainy Sunday....In this particular block the polka dot is the original fabric and I am hand appliqueing fabric over the original pieces.  I have to apply some more band aids to the white background pieces as well.

My son-in-law entrusted me with his wonderful family quilt.  It is a much loved quilt that needed a little tender loving care.  So I have a nice hot cup of coffee and my audio book ready to go while I spend this afternoon nursing this gem back to health.  I wonder what Grandma was pondering when she hand stitch this lovely together...

This was a very quilty weekend for me.  Yesterday I spent a lovely (again rainy) day with my mom and my quilting sister.  We took a wonderfully scenic trip to Bennington, VT., to see the Jane Stickle quilt at the Bennington Museum.  A must see trip for any "Janiac" and Bennington is such a quaint New England town.

It is in amazing condition especially when you realize that this quilt was made in 1863.  A most amazing scrap quilt.  Each block is made from a different fabric.  Jane must have had the most amazing collection of scraps.

Are you doing any slow stitching on this Slow stitching Sunday?