Saturday, March 31, 2018

Quilting is more fun than......

picking up all the sticks and tree debris that the late winter storms have left in our yard.  We have trees debris everywhere.....

The yard is a bit soggy at the moment from the melting snow so I think it would be better if it dried up just a bit before tending to it.  Don't want to trudge all that mud in the house since I spent most of yesterday tidying up.  Makes sense, don't ya think? 

One spot in the house that still is in need of a lot of tidying up is my "happy place" or as the hubby refers to it...the "she cave".  It really needs a lot of attention.  One thing in particular that is really out of control are my scrap bins.....

I can't think of a better way to tackle this problem than to make a quilt.  And one of my favorite quilts to make is a comfort quilt.  It comes in all shapes and sizes and there generally are no to few rules to follow.  Nothing but pure enjoyment of playing with fabric and feeding piece upon piece through my sewing machine. I was so thrilled to come across Sarah's post about the Hands2Help 2018 charity quilt challenge.  Not only do I get to make one of my favorite kinds of quilts, but it will have a home to go to!  I decided to use a pattern from Bricks Cobblestones and Pebbles by the ever so talented Gyleen X. Fitzgerald.  Just the ticket for making a dent (barely a dent) in to my scrap basket.  Love my pebbles......

 They really are quick to make and kind of like potato chips (or in my case M & M's)...can't just stop at one.....

I think I will will let them play together on my design wall for just a bit.....

Hope you are all enjoying Spring in your neck of the woods.  I think it has finally made it here in New England


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Basting in the heat

It is a tad warm out today.  But it is August in New England after all.  So I have the fan cranking while I'm cranking on basting my quilt.

I have been anxious to finish up my En Provenance quilt.  I learned so much about color and value with this quilt and I can hardly wait for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt for this year.

I think I have the perfect quilting plan too.  I love HandiQuilter's Minute Motifs.  They seem like just the thing for someone (me) who doesn't have all that many machine quilting hours under their belt.

The nice thing about a really scrappy quilt is that all that really will be seen is the texture of the quilting, so my "mistakes" will be hidden.  I know the only way to get better at machine quilting is to practice.  And my huge pile of quilt tops isn't getting any smaller.  So I better get to practicing....but first, back to basting (not the funnest part of the process LOL)

Piecefully yours....

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Slowly catching up on my BTQ Summer Sewalong

I've been busy with my day job and wedding plans so I have only managed to fit in a little EPP here and there lately.  Even though it's just a few stitches now and then at least I'm getting my little creative fix.   It is so good for my soul.    Ahhhhh.

I can't believe my baby girl and her sweetie's big day is just about a month and 1/2 away.  We're has the time gone? Since the wedding planning is going well and I have work a little more under control, I have a bit more time to play tonight.  My Butterfly Threads Quilting summer sew along blocks have been patiently waiting for my return.

Diane, thank you for encouraging us to post what we have been working on even if it has been at a snail's pace for me.  I'm still working on the neutral nine patches from "part 2".  I'm 2 blocks beyond being half way there.  But I am getting slowly there (giggle).

Some of my neutrals have a little bit of color sneaking in but I think they will still "read" as a neutral with a little bit of luck.  I love how neutral nine patches make a quilt sparkle.  All of those many different little scrappy squares make a quilt so much happier.  Don't you think?  My hope is that maybe that little black and white novelty fabric of kids playing together or those little paw prints dancing across the fabric might just be as a little surprise to the recipient of this quilt and perhaps bring a smile to their face.

I'm not sure at the moment who "the recipient" is going to be.  But my plan is to gift it to someone.  I love to make comfort quilts.  I find them to be just as much a comfort to me to make.  What better way to spread a little love, but by giving a quilt.  I like to think of them as sort of virtual hugs.  I especially like to make them when I am feeling blue or when life seem a bit over whelming.  I don't know about you, but all of the hate and crazy politics in the news of late is making me a bit crazy.  I feel the need to distance my self from all of that craziness and that feeling of "what is wrong with people".  So the best thing I can come up with at the moment is to focus on making a quilt for someone else.  I think Diane's wonderful design is just what the doctor ordered.  If anyone has suggestions for a home for my quilt, I'm all ears.  Now I best get down off my soap box and get back to some stitching!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BTQ Scrappy Summer Sewalong

I am having the best time sewing happy scrappy nine patches.  The best part is that all of my fabric has come from the depths of my scrap box.  I must confess though, my scrap box is actually a very deep laundry basket and not a  cute little box.  I know I should be better at keeping up with taming my scraps, but it always seems to be such a chore for me.

So Diane has come to my rescue with her scrappy summer sew along.  I simply dug through my pile and spent a good long afternoon with my Accuquilt Go Big and cut a huge bunch of 2 1/4 strips.  I'm doing 2 1/4 rather than 2 1/2 because that is the size strippy die that I have.

I "stole" the drying rack from our laundry room to keep my strips handy....who wants to do laundry when you could be sewing instead?

I completed my 48 blocks and still have a whole lot of strips left.  Here's a peek at my 48...

 Now on to the next set of blocks.  Looking forward to taming some of my neutral scraps next.  Come on over to see what other scrappy goodness is going on at ButterflyThreadsQuilting

Monday, December 12, 2016

Late to the party

I've been dying to participate in one of Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville mysteries.  I'm a bit late to the party but that's okay.  As Bonnie's not a race.  I also realized that purple and pink are colors that are missing from my stash. Oh darn, I adore the colors that Bonnie has chosen so I think that just means I will have to make this one again in her gorgeous color palette.  For this go around, mine will have a little different flavor.

Here are a few of my part 1 and part 3.  Part 2 is on the back burner for a bit because I decided that I'm going to die cut those and my die has not yet arrived.  So I'll have to share those in another post.

Thank you Bonnie for all of the fabulous info that you have provided.  The intro has so much great advice on color and value.  When I first started piecing my neutral 4 patches I quickly realized that my initial neutrals were more medium that light.  So I went back to the drawing board (my box of 2" squares.). And came up with some that were lighter than a "brown paper bag".

Go on over to the Monday Link up to see all the happenings with En Provence.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rainy days and Sundays

Rainy days and Sundays are such wonderful times to be stitching on a quilt, don't ya think?  This is what is on my lap this rainy Sunday....In this particular block the polka dot is the original fabric and I am hand appliqueing fabric over the original pieces.  I have to apply some more band aids to the white background pieces as well.

My son-in-law entrusted me with his wonderful family quilt.  It is a much loved quilt that needed a little tender loving care.  So I have a nice hot cup of coffee and my audio book ready to go while I spend this afternoon nursing this gem back to health.  I wonder what Grandma was pondering when she hand stitch this lovely together...

This was a very quilty weekend for me.  Yesterday I spent a lovely (again rainy) day with my mom and my quilting sister.  We took a wonderfully scenic trip to Bennington, VT., to see the Jane Stickle quilt at the Bennington Museum.  A must see trip for any "Janiac" and Bennington is such a quaint New England town.

It is in amazing condition especially when you realize that this quilt was made in 1863.  A most amazing scrap quilt.  Each block is made from a different fabric.  Jane must have had the most amazing collection of scraps.

Are you doing any slow stitching on this Slow stitching Sunday?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whittling away at my UFOs

A couple of weeks ago I did a little bit of reorganizing in my play room.  I do more than sew in my space, so I think it is more appropriately called a play room.  It actually has always been a playroom.  It used to be our children's playroom.  I just reclaimed the space to be my playroom.  Regardless of what I call this wonderful space, it really was a mess.  I had all of my "in progress" projects very neatly stored in plastic boxes and they were stacked in various places around my cutting table.  I've always been an "it's all about the process" person.  What I hadn't fully realized was how many different "processes" I had going.  Not to mention the pile of things I can hardly wait to start on waiting in the wings.  And that doesn't even include my weaving and knitting processes (giggle).

I sucessfully freed up a couple of shelves in the one small closet that is in my playroom.  This is the new home of my project boxes.  I've given myself permission to be able to work on something new as long as I am diligently working on a box from my closet.  And so far, I am sticking to my new plan.  My new plan has been in place for two whole weeks.  I think my major downfall is that there are way too many really cool sew alongs going on in the quniverse.  So hard not to say "count me in"!  The other thing is that my day job sort of gets in the way of my playtime (giggle).

I'm whittling away at my Kathy Schmitz calendar quilts.  I completed August over a year ago.  And now I have October.....

And November......

I skipped September because September is just about over.  I'll surely have it done by next September (one can only hope anyway).

Until we meet again......