Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whittling away at my UFOs

A couple of weeks ago I did a little bit of reorganizing in my play room.  I do more than sew in my space, so I think it is more appropriately called a play room.  It actually has always been a playroom.  It used to be our children's playroom.  I just reclaimed the space to be my playroom.  Regardless of what I call this wonderful space, it really was a mess.  I had all of my "in progress" projects very neatly stored in plastic boxes and they were stacked in various places around my cutting table.  I've always been an "it's all about the process" person.  What I hadn't fully realized was how many different "processes" I had going.  Not to mention the pile of things I can hardly wait to start on waiting in the wings.  And that doesn't even include my weaving and knitting processes (giggle).

I sucessfully freed up a couple of shelves in the one small closet that is in my playroom.  This is the new home of my project boxes.  I've given myself permission to be able to work on something new as long as I am diligently working on a box from my closet.  And so far, I am sticking to my new plan.  My new plan has been in place for two whole weeks.  I think my major downfall is that there are way too many really cool sew alongs going on in the quniverse.  So hard not to say "count me in"!  The other thing is that my day job sort of gets in the way of my playtime (giggle).

I'm whittling away at my Kathy Schmitz calendar quilts.  I completed August over a year ago.  And now I have October.....

And November......

I skipped September because September is just about over.  I'll surely have it done by next September (one can only hope anyway).

Until we meet again......


  1. Okay the race is on. I will try to catch up to November before November starts. Your blocks are wonderful. Have you hung October? I expect to see it in person soon.

  2. Your stitcheries are very cute! I love Kathy Schmitz's designs--so fun.