Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Slowly catching up on my BTQ Summer Sewalong

I've been busy with my day job and wedding plans so I have only managed to fit in a little EPP here and there lately.  Even though it's just a few stitches now and then at least I'm getting my little creative fix.   It is so good for my soul.    Ahhhhh.

I can't believe my baby girl and her sweetie's big day is just about a month and 1/2 away.  We're has the time gone? Since the wedding planning is going well and I have work a little more under control, I have a bit more time to play tonight.  My Butterfly Threads Quilting summer sew along blocks have been patiently waiting for my return.

Diane, thank you for encouraging us to post what we have been working on even if it has been at a snail's pace for me.  I'm still working on the neutral nine patches from "part 2".  I'm 2 blocks beyond being half way there.  But I am getting slowly there (giggle).

Some of my neutrals have a little bit of color sneaking in but I think they will still "read" as a neutral with a little bit of luck.  I love how neutral nine patches make a quilt sparkle.  All of those many different little scrappy squares make a quilt so much happier.  Don't you think?  My hope is that maybe that little black and white novelty fabric of kids playing together or those little paw prints dancing across the fabric might just be as a little surprise to the recipient of this quilt and perhaps bring a smile to their face.

I'm not sure at the moment who "the recipient" is going to be.  But my plan is to gift it to someone.  I love to make comfort quilts.  I find them to be just as much a comfort to me to make.  What better way to spread a little love, but by giving a quilt.  I like to think of them as sort of virtual hugs.  I especially like to make them when I am feeling blue or when life seem a bit over whelming.  I don't know about you, but all of the hate and crazy politics in the news of late is making me a bit crazy.  I feel the need to distance my self from all of that craziness and that feeling of "what is wrong with people".  So the best thing I can come up with at the moment is to focus on making a quilt for someone else.  I think Diane's wonderful design is just what the doctor ordered.  If anyone has suggestions for a home for my quilt, I'm all ears.  Now I best get down off my soap box and get back to some stitching!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing all your 9-patch blocks assembled! You're right, sewing definitely helps deal with the craziness in life!

  2. I love these blocks! I think they are going to sparkle. I keep's not a race, enjoy your own pace. Thanks so much for sharing your progress so far, I look forward to seeing it come together, whenever that may be! And good luck with all the wedding prep. :)