Friday, August 28, 2015

Parched painter

I just got back from a fabulous time at the Parched Painter.  I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with my dear, dear friends.   As much as I try, I don't see painting as an art form for me.  I did not get the "painting" gene from my Grandma Graham.  She was quite the artist.  I think that gene skipped me and showed up in my kiddos.  All three of them really have a knack for that painting, drawing, and cartooning sort of thing.   I read recently that the latest stress reduction trend is to take up coloring.  And there are gillions of coloring books every where you look that are geared towards adults.  Now that I could get into (giggle).  But I think it will only be good for stress reduction if you don't get too hung up about staying within the lines..  My painting is starting to grow on me.   But maybe it's the glass of wine I'm enjoying and the fact that I am sitting across the room from where it is currently perched.....

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