Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sweet Sunday

Somehow Sundays have a way of speeding by.  That wouldn't have something to do with Monday being the start of another work week would it?  Again we had an off and on misty kind of day.  But perfect weather for sewing out on the porch again.  I picked up where I left off yesterday.  I now have 30+ of the first unit for my Jamestown Landing quilt completed and 4 rows done on my Worryy Not tumbler quilt.  I love Bonnie Hunter's Leader and Enders (for more info on leaders and enders go to Bonnie's It is a wonderful way to make twice as many quilts.

I did have company out on the porch today.  Lily thought today would be a good day to lounge around and hang out with me.  She typically hangs out In the doorway of the porch patiently waiting for the next unsuspecting chipmunk, bird, squirrel, rabbit ( I think you get the idea) to wander by.  On occasion, she has been known to chase them into the house from outside.  My preference is that she play with her friends outside (giggle).  Her brother (Marvin) is still trying to figure out her fascination with those little creatures.  They don't seem all that interesting to him.

Happy Sunday!

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