Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wonderful Woolie day

This weekend is going by way to quickly.  But then again, they all go by way to quickly (giggle).  My sweet sis sent me the most yummy box of goodies this is just stuffed with all kinds of fabulous fiber.  I'm new to spinning and am so looking forward to experimenting with all of this fun fluff. Oh, just for the record all three of my sisters and my big bro too (can't leave him out) are sweet.

I've only had one spinning lesson (I'm spinning with a drop spindle) so I spent the morning watching YouTube videos to refresh my memory.  After trying out a little of this and a little of that, I decided that the park and draft method works the best for me.  I'm even catching on to the new vocabulary too.  Drumroll please...........I actually made yarn.....

"Ta da"......Don't laugh too hard....I know it is not a huge amount just yet.  But I'll get there.  I highly recommend I so peaceful and serene.

I joined a new Facebook group recently called School of Wool.  This group encompasses really all things to do with wool.  Many of the members do wonderful things with reclaimed wool sweaters and garments.  I have been collecting reclaimed wool skirts, slacks, and jackets and have been deconstructing them and felting the wool to use for wool applique quilts. Recently I aquired a bunch of scraps from felted sweaters too.  At first I didn't think I would really care to use them, but they really are quite nice.  I've been inspired by many of the FB posts to use up some of this collection.  So I made wool pennies and wool hexigons for a good part of the afternoon.

I look forward to working with these little gems in the future.....
Hope you are enjoying your Saturday too,


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  1. I tried twisting plies on my sewing machine. It looked so easy at the demo. Maybe I should try some hand tools in the future. Your yarn is a treasure.