Saturday, September 26, 2015

It all started 34 years ago

It all started with this...

And she said yes!

On this day 34 years ago, hubby and I tied the knot.  It was a day very similar to today...we had beautiful weather.  It was a fabulous fall day which was a really good thing since our wedding reception was to take place outdoors at Mom and Dad's home on Lake Pawtuckway and we had no plan B.

I have many vivid memories of that day.   I remember standing on the back deck looking across the lake with my hair in a towel.  Just freshly showered looking out over the lake.  It was such a pretty and pieceful place and it still is.  All of the tables outside were ready for our guests.  The tables were covered in peach colored tablecloths that were made from the stack of cotton sheets that we brought back home from my Grandma's house and had dyed to match the colors that I had chosen for our big day.  The floral centerpieces that I had made were all in place.  My BIL brought our wedding cake from CT.  It was made by a family friend if I am remembering that piece correctly.  How courageous was that to schlep a wedding cake from out of state?  The tiers were divided by wine glasses that contained flowers "under glass".  My cousin Brad was nominated to be our photographer.  He's not a professional photographer...he just took really great pictures.  I made all of my bridesmaids' dresses and I wore my mom's wedding dress.  It truly was a homemade affair and everything went off without a hitch.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.....he follows my blog (giggle)'s to a bazillion more!

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