Sunday, September 20, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday

I've been enjoying some slow stitching today.  I've been having difficulties getting into "creative" mode this weekend.  Perhaps this is what writer's block is like?  It is more likely that I'm just plain worn out after a really rough work week.  Whenever I find myself in this sort of mood I tend to default to some handwork project that I have in process.  I only have a bazillion of them going so finding something is not a problem.  I don't need to make many decisions except maybe "which one do I grab?" since these projects are all underway and have been pretty much planned out already.

I think that is another reason why I enjoy using one of my many hand stitching projects as my default "go to" project.  All I have to concentrate on is enjoying the process.  It doesn't matter if I complete anything....just that I enjoy the process.  It is soooo therapeutic for me.  I managed to add another finished POTC (patchwork of the Lucy Boston) block to the pile.

Here are a few more.....I have 20 blocks completed.  I need a total of 56 for my quilt top.

and I'm working on a few hexie flowers too. 

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

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