Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bricks, Cobblestones, and Pebbles

When hubby and I were at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past fall we came across the "Odds, Ends, and Leftovers" exhibit submitted by Gyleen Fitzgerald.  Such charming and fun quilts.  I decided then that I really needed to make one of those quilts.  They are the perfect quilt for those of us who have more scraps than we know what to do with.

Now, it just so happens that Gyleen has just started the Bricks, Cobblestones and Pebbles Mid-January 2016 Mystery.  I feel like I just won powerball....two of my favorite things.  Mysteries and scrappy quilts.  So I've decided to join in the fun.  We'll be posting our progress on FB.

Here is my starting point.....

This is a small pile of my hand dyed scraps.  This bunch is a bunch of Ricky Tims' hand dyes.  The are wonderful.  I'm also using some Cherrywood scraps....also scrumptious.  And some of my own hand dyed fabric (not so wonderful but a ton of fun to make).

This is clue 1 of the mystery.....

Stay tuned for clue number two.  Due out later this month...

Until we meet again,

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  1. I just asked to join the group. I do have all those hand dyes myself.