Saturday, January 2, 2016

Working on keeping it simple

Today I started working on my goal of "Keeping it simple and smile".  I anticipate that my phrase will encompass many areas of my life.  Today I decided that life would be much simpler if I worked on "decluttering" our kitchen.  I recently started reading a book called "The Life-changing Magic of Tyding up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing."  Some time back I received an email from Amazon with book suggestions that I might find interesting.  It caught my eye when I read "clear the clutter and find the calm motivated mind set it can inspire".  I'm still working my way through the book but was anxious to find that "calm motivated mind set" .  Who wouldn't want that?  So I decided to start on my way to de-cluttering.

The timing is perfect because Big Brother Big Sister will be in my neck of the woods on Monday to accept donations of clothing, toys or kitchen items.  That certainly puts a smile on my face and I'd like to think on theirs as well.  BBBS comes through our town on a monthly basis to accept donations so I hope to continue my decluttering on a regular basis.  According to my Tyding up book, a time frame of a year is reasonable for achieving your goal.  Seems reasonable to me.

I figure less clutter will lead to less time spent on housework and more time to stitch or knit or weave or read.  That certainly puts a smile on my face 😍.

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